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Prep Bins for Harvest

Cleaning, Maintenance of Grain Storage Helps Maintain Quality, Value

It may feel like only yesterday that you were doing spring cleaning, but the amber waves of grain outside my window tell me how much time has passed. Hopefully, all the seeds you`ve sown have grown into mature crops, and that harvest is only weeks away. Now is the perfect time to talk about fall cleaning and to prepare for storing your grain.

You can save yourself a headache and money if you take action before harvesting a single ear of corn. The most important -- and I mean most important -- aspect of grain storage is to keep it clean. 


Start by examining your grain bins for signs of damage or wear. Seal up cracks or holes to keep pests out to make other management practices (i.e., fumigation) more effective. While the bin is empty, clean out old grain or other pest refuges. And, since you`re at it, clean any equipment that handles grain, such as combines and augers. The last thing you want to discover is that you`ve been playing host to bugs during the past few months. So, a good wash or vacuuming will remove old material and unwanted pests.

As always, if you ever need expert advise and consulting for grain storage and preservation, feel free to contact Bridgewaves